Understanding Some Powerful Weapons in PUBG

You know the importance of weapons in PUBG. Some of them are not just beguiling, but they are effective as well. Yes, they have the power to kill enemies quickly. To move forward in PUBG, you should know about the feisty weapons. The knowledge will help you look for such weapons to arm yourself well. Also, these tools will help you deal with the situations in the game pragmatically:

Exploring some powerful weapons in PUBG:

Sniper Rifles: You will find many weapons under this category. But, some of them are highly powerful. The air drop AWM is the powerful rifle in PUBG under this category. It has the power to end the life of an unarmored player. Also, you can kill him with just one shot in the chest. The Kar98k is also another weapon not to overlook in this category. It needs minimal attachments and it is readily available in some locations. It has the power to kill your enemy with just a single hit. It is the single non-crate rifle in level 3 helmet. SKS has been yet another rifle with sustained semi-auto fire feature. It will get an excellent potential when attachments are added.

Assault rifles: Under this category, the rapid fire rate of M249 will help you kill enemies in a short time. When you use the tool called Groza, you can kill an entire squad of players. These are crate-only rifles. If you look for a regular gun, you can still find M416 under this category. It has the potential to perform at its best with attachments. Also, its flexibility in fire rate is yet another excellent thing about this tool. Further, you will love the ability to attach an 8x Scope with this gun. Another viable option is the M16A4 under this category. It can quickly finish enemies as compared to the M249. But, it will work only if you specialize in very-fast tapping for burst fire. When you have to face a close-range combat, the SCAR-L with a silencer can be the ideal choice.

SMGs: As against snipers and ARs, the good thing about SMG is that they rely on full-auto use. As compared to all other SMGs, the UZI is my preferred choice. But, most players won’t accept my thought. To be effective, it needs just a minimal attachment. The rate at which it fires can help you get rid of inexperienced players quickly. If you wish to get minimal shots and time to kill, you can rely on the Vector. In the PC version, it has a recent update as well.

Shotguns: With the automatic shotgun fire facility, the S12k stands out from the rest. Another option here is the s686. But, with this gun, you can just fire for two rounds. The last resort under this category is the s1897.

Where to get these tools?

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